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Office Solutions

Office collection at Mahaveer Hardware has been brought together keeping in mind the hardware accessories one needs in a corporate set up! The collection addresses the most important need for ergonomics to keep you healthy and create a productive environment. With a wide range of office solutions, choose from quality hardware fixtures. Get a proper unit to place the computer and its peripherals with the sturdy and dependable computer table with wheels which also features a keyboard tray. The spacious display shelves for holding awards or other mementoes. Give your office space a spacious and neat look with a wide range of office solutions and hardware accessories only at Mahaveer Hardware. Choose from an array of office furniture hardware accessories to achieve the top corporate look.
Ebco’s line of stylish and smart furniture fittings aptly named Worksmart is a perfect choice to make the best use of any office space. This range features some of the smartest modern furniture invented like the “Smartlift” workstation. This type of furniture promotes healthy work style which encourages employees to stand and work rather than sit for long hours, inviting health concerns in the long run. Speaking of work desks, drawers help one keep their desk organized and belongings safe. We have a range of office drawers to pick, ranging from combination lock with key, (i.e. a Masterkey which resets the code generated, if and when an employee leaves the organization) to keyless access drawers.

Keyboard Tray & Stations

A tray to place the keyboard.

CPU Stand

A stand for the CPU.

Screen holder

Hold the monitor at different levels and angels.

Hanging file frames

Frames for ease of separating and storing files.

Panel systems

Drawer systems for storage.

Filing pedestrials

Locks, wheels, sliders for drawers.

Innotech/ Pro-motion Drawers

Sturdy, smooth-running, convenient, attractive drawer systems for storage.

Desk Legs

Support for the Tables and cabinets.

Display shelving systems

Mechanism for creating shelves for storage.

Caster wheel for computer tables

Wheels for Tables and chairs to move around.

Mini Fix

Furniture fittings to assemble furniture.

Joinery Fittings

Furniture fittings to assemble furniture.

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