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Mahaveer Hardware has an extensive hardware collection which will leave you spoilt for choice. We are a premium hardware store in Bangalore, continually changing and growing into a modern-day retailer, upgrading our self with the latest technology and design for furniture. But one thing will always remain constant - the value we place on customer service by listening to our customers and obliging their needs by being flexible, personal and thoroughly professional. Our clients include Architects, Interior Designers, Builders & Developers, Contractors and OEM across the Retail, Commercial and Residential sectors. We are leading hardware shop with over 15 years of expertise in dealing and delivering quality furniture fittings and fixtures.
We have a range of premium products from high-end brands across the globe like Hettich, Ebco, Yale. We are the leading wholesale hardware shop dealing in kitchen and architectural hardware, wardrobe accessories, office solutions, furniture fittings and fixtures. We are also authorised Ebco, Hettich dealers, with a range of lighting solutions, kitchen cabinets, and other furniture fixtures and fittings.

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With our extensive range of hardware you’ll be spoilt for choice.

We’re a continually changing and growing modern retailer, upgrading our self with the latest technology and design for furniture, but one thing will always remain constant - the value we place on customer service by listening to our customers and obliging their needs by being flexible, personal and thoroughly professional.

Our clients include Architects, Interior Designers, Builders & Developers and Contractors within the Retail, Commercial and Residential sector.

Kitchen Techniques

Having a beautiful, functional kitchen means investing in your family’s health and happiness. It is indeed the most important room in a house, a room where nutritious meals are prepared for family and guests. Hence it is very important to beautify the space with the right set of kitchen hardware. A good design is an important element, deciding the type and style of kitchen cabinets, shelves, cooking units, appliances and fittings. There is a vast range of kitchen cupboards, cabinets, storage units to choose from and choices are absolutely mind-blowing.
Mahaveer Hardware is the authorised Hettich dealer in Bangalore, and has a variety of kitchen hardware, cabinet hardware, Hettich sensys hinges, CargoTech, drawer system (Innotech & ArciTech), and much more- all that one needs for a modular kitchen under one roof. While working on the kitchen interior, it is imperative that we use quality fittings & fixtures for it to stay in pristine condition for years to come. Walk into our store and check out the extensive range of quality products for your kitchen hardware needs.
Our store has a plethora of options to make your kitchen interior look unique, functional and modern.

Office Solutions

Office collection at Mahaveer Hardware has been brought together keeping in mind the hardware accessories one needs in a corporate set up! The collection addresses the most important need for ergonomics to keep you healthy and create a productive environment. With a wide range of office solutions, choose from quality hardware fixtures. Get a proper unit to place the computer and its peripherals with the sturdy and dependable computer table with wheels which also features a keyboard tray. The spacious display shelves for holding awards or other mementoes. Give your office space a spacious and neat look with a wide range of office solutions and hardware accessories only at Mahaveer Hardware. Choose from an array of office furniture hardware accessories to achieve the top corporate look.
Ebco’s line of stylish and smart furniture fittings aptly named Worksmart is a perfect choice to make the best use of any office space. This range features some of the smartest modern furniture invented like the “Smartlift” workstation. This type of furniture promotes healthy work style which encourages employees to stand and work rather than sit for long hours, inviting health concerns in the long run. Speaking of work desks, drawers help one keep their desk organized and belongings safe. We have a range of office drawers to pick, ranging from combination lock with key, (i.e. a Masterkey which resets the code generated, if and when an employee leaves the organization) to keyless access drawers.


Wardrobes are a perfect fit for any room. Available in different styles and designs, it helps you arrange clothes, etc and can do wonders to any room. From freeing up space to sprucing it up, wardrobes are the best way to stack away your fashion accessories, apparels and much more in a neat way. When it comes to being an aesthetic solution of getting enough storage in a bedroom, wardrobes are absolutely fantastic. A room that’s devoid of any clutter of discarded clothing will create an environment of rest and relaxation - an essential component if the room is a bedroom.
We have a vast collection of wardrobes from world-renowned brands like Ebco, Hettich to offer a more sleek and streamlined finish to a room. There are different types of wardrobes in various sizes available to suit the room type and design. Choose products from a range of wardrobes like Topline XL, Topline 22 and Inline XL. Make the wardrobes look more spacious and arrange all your clothes in an orderly manner with a variety of accessories, designed for the model you pick. Sliding wardrobe doors, the most preferred in modern homes, are also a huge space-saver. Additions to a wardrobe like pull out racks, clothes hanging rail, tie & belt rack, wicker baskets, etc are also a must-have. Please note, all the accessories displayed here are sold separately. Mahaveer Hardware is authorised dealer for Ebco and Hettich wardrobe accessories, the right choice for your home.

Locks & Security

In today's rapidly growing and constantly changing world, we are on the move most of the time and this leaves our homes & offices prone to theft and burglaries. So security of your home or office should always be a top priority. The security system too, has to continually undergoing milestone changes and we must evolve to keep up with its pace.
A digitally locked door offers a more reliable opening mechanism than a standard locking system. They also feature keyless functionality and one can access the property with a biometric, pin code or swipe of a security card. With digital locks, there is no need to carry those bulky set of keys or losing them, just the pin/card your biometric lets you in. At Mahaveer Hardware, we have a range of locks and security, offering a package of complete security solutions for your home from - Godrej mortise handle, to digital lock like Godrej Advantis.
Another important aspect in safeguarding valuables in your home is to invest in lockers. With the advent of technologies, lockers and safes have evolved too. Mahaveer Hardware is authorised dealers in Yale lockers. These lockers provide comprehensive safety in terms of fire-resistance, burglary and humidity. The varieties of lockers and safe offers an easy-to-read backlit display and an extra-bright LED interior lighting for convenience in accessing your valuables even in the dark. With a range of modern-age security systems available at Mahaveer Hardware, enjoy peace of mind no matter where you are.



Lights are the most important aspects when it comes to making the interior of your home just about perfect. Lights are no longer a mere source of making a space bright, they mean a lot more now. The light has the potential to influence the ambience of a setup, make it much more vibrant and lively. Explore our range of lighting specially designed for shelves for a zing and charm to enhance the furniture, design objects and kitchen cabinet lighting. Furniture lights like these, add a whole new dimension of style and aesthetics which match the individualist look and feel of a home.
We have a collection of quality wardrobe lights, so that the next time when you look for your favourite outfit or accessories, you don't need to fumble in the dark. The idea of these types of lights is to illuminate the inside of the wardrobe and to make the apparels appear in their true colours. There are sensor-controlled lights which light up the moment the wardrobe doors are opened. We have specialized lighting options available for cabinets in the kitchen for creating a flamboyant ambience.
At Mahaveer Hardware, you have plenty of lighting solutions to choose - from LED spotlights, shelf, wardrobe, cabinet lightings and much more. So, brighten up your home with a range of decorative lights which are designed to spruce up your favourite area with an elegant touch. A beautifully lit home is sure to be a delight- for you, your family and visitors.

Architectural Hardware

Architectural hardware plays a key role in every type of construction, be it residential or commercial. For every infrastructure, to last for years, one must incorporate quality architectural hardware. This includes hinges, door closers, floor springs, glass connector, glass door locks hardware, spider fittings, automatic door system, etc. We all are well aware of the importance of having the right elements in a building but seem to underplay the quality of hardware required to give finishing touches to a space, adding to its effectiveness. While choosing the right hardware, one must focus on the functionality, durability and design factor. The quality should precede cost, always. Picking the right hardware is also about ensuring that all components meet stringent standards and that all these work together effortlessly.
Mahaveer Hardware is a certified dealer for Hettich products, a global brand renowned for its magnificent quality and efficiency. Choose from the range of architectural hardware solutions like door closers and its accessories - surface mounted or concealed, floor springs for glass doors, panic, lock and bolt technologies, cylindrical knob and handle locks, mortise handle for doors, superior hinges for connecting door leaf to the frame, glass door fittings like glass patch, pull handles, the entire glass door hardware and the latest in shower cubicle fittings technology. The premium products conform to fire safety and meet all the prerequisite European standards making them the best choice for your home.

Bathroom Accessories

Furnishing the bathroom is important like any other room of the house. It’s a space where you get refreshed, wash away the stress and blues of a long day. A space to enjoy a much needed “me time” and take a break from the chaotic schedule. Bathrooms are no longer just a functional space, they are now an integral part of any home. Decorate this space with our extensive range of bathroom accessories & ensure your bathroom is the haven you deserve.
At Mahaveer Hardware, find a range of stunning accessories from towel rod for trying the wet towels, towel racks for storing fresh wipes, soap dispenser and holder, mirrors, corner shelf for keeping all toiletries in their designated places, brush holder and shaving mirror, etc, all to give your bathroom a regal and an organized appearance. Also, keep the bathroom ambience well ventilated and fresh with our range of exhaust fans. Though bathrooms can be customized and designed as per one’s liking, there are certain add-ons like these should never be left out.


A room’s ambience can be turned to anything you wish with the right shade and striking patterns - a convenience only wallpapers or wall coverings can offer. Mahaveer Hardware presents Kerradeco from Vox, a European brand offering best in home furnishings like wallpapers, flooring and building materials. The luxurious and stylish home interior products from Kerradeco is durable, moisture proof, non-flammable and comes with a 10-year warranty. The products are an ideal choice for homes, businesses, apartments, etc. The best part- it’s quick installation, less cumbersome and goes along with any original interior set-up.
Vox also presents skirting board for the side wall lining for stylishly hiding away those loose wirings and elegant wooden floorings. The skirting boards are rectangular in shape with slightly rounded edges which perfectly fits any floor or wall. Easy installation at an optimum price is one of the striking features of the products by Vox. And is also available in multiple hues and patterns like rosewood, walnut, oak, etc.
Mahaveer Hardware believes in making a house efficient as the place we live in makes a huge impact on our lives. That is why, in association with major brands, we have brought together premium products to help you build the house of your dreams. From matching collection of wallpapers, door mechanism, to the high-end facade cladding and soffit (roof/ceiling) The Infratop soffit system from Vox, is an innovative solution, introducing a new quality of the roof and house finishing. Designed keeping functionality and aesthetics in mind, this roof finishing solution is easy to fix and reliable. The semi-matte panel surface and structure perfectly imitates wood graining and ideally selected colours to allow it to blend well into the most commonly used elements of wood joinery.

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