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Lights are the most important aspects when it comes to making the interior of your home just about perfect. Lights are no longer a mere source of making a space bright, they mean a lot more now. The light has the potential to influence the ambience of a setup, make it much more vibrant and lively. Explore our range of lighting specially designed for shelves for a zing and charm to enhance the furniture, design objects and kitchen cabinet lighting. Furniture lights like these, add a whole new dimension of style and aesthetics which match the individualist look and feel of a home.
We have a collection of quality wardrobe lights, so that the next time when you look for your favourite outfit or accessories, you don't need to fumble in the dark. The idea of these types of lights is to illuminate the inside of the wardrobe and to make the apparels appear in their true colours. There are sensor-controlled lights which light up the moment the wardrobe doors are opened. We have specialized lighting options available for cabinets in the kitchen for creating a flamboyant ambience.
At Mahaveer Hardware, you have plenty of lighting solutions to choose - from LED spotlights, shelf, wardrobe, cabinet lightings and much more. So, brighten up your home with a range of decorative lights which are designed to spruce up your favourite area with an elegant touch. A beautifully lit home is sure to be a delight- for you, your family and visitors.

LED Spot Lights

Lights for focusing and enhancing looks.

Motion sensor lights

Sensor lights for saving electricity.

Strip Lights

Lights that fit in a groove.

Lighting for Shelves

Lighting at the corner of shelves.

Cabinet Lightings

Lighting for cabinets.

Wardrobe Lightings

Lighting for wardrobe.

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