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Bathroom Accessories

Furnishing the bathroom is important like any other room of the house. It’s a space where you get refreshed, wash away the stress and blues of a long day. A space to enjoy a much needed “me time” and take a break from the chaotic schedule. Bathrooms are no longer just a functional space, they are now an integral part of any home. Decorate this space with our extensive range of bathroom accessories & ensure your bathroom is the haven you deserve.
At Mahaveer Hardware, find a range of stunning accessories from towel rod for trying the wet towels, towel racks for storing fresh wipes, soap dispenser and holder, mirrors, corner shelf for keeping all toiletries in their designated places, brush holder and shaving mirror, etc, all to give your bathroom a regal and an organized appearance. Also, keep the bathroom ambience well ventilated and fresh with our range of exhaust fans. Though bathrooms can be customized and designed as per one’s liking, there are certain add-ons like these should never be left out.

Rob Hook

Hanging hook

Towel Ring

Accessory to hang Napkins.

Towel Racks

Accessory to hang Towels & clothes.

Soap Dispenser

Liquid soap dispensing machine.

Soap Holder

Accessory to place soap.


A true reflection.

Glass Shelves

Shelves for storage.

Shower cubicle fittings

Fixtures to assemble shower cubicle.

Shaving Mirrors

Shaving Mirrors

Brush Holder

Accessory to place brush.

Corner Shelves

Shelves for storage.

Exhaust Fans

Ventilation for the bathroom.

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