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Locks & Security

In today's rapidly growing and constantly changing world, we are on the move most of the time and this leaves our homes & offices prone to theft and burglaries. So security of your home or office should always be a top priority. The security system too, has to continually undergoing milestone changes and we must evolve to keep up with its pace.
A digitally locked door offers a more reliable opening mechanism than a standard locking system. They also feature keyless functionality and one can access the property with a biometric, pin code or swipe of a security card. With digital locks, there is no need to carry those bulky set of keys or losing them, just the pin/card your biometric lets you in. At Mahaveer Hardware, we have a range of locks and security, offering a package of complete security solutions for your home from - Godrej mortise handle, to digital lock like Godrej Advantis.
Another important aspect in safeguarding valuables in your home is to invest in lockers. With the advent of technologies, lockers and safes have evolved too. Mahaveer Hardware is authorised dealers in Yale lockers. These lockers provide comprehensive safety in terms of fire-resistance, burglary and humidity. The varieties of lockers and safe offers an easy-to-read backlit display and an extra-bright LED interior lighting for convenience in accessing your valuables even in the dark. With a range of modern-age security systems available at Mahaveer Hardware, enjoy peace of mind no matter where you are.

Mortise Handle

Handles & Knobes

Biometric Locks

Optimum security locking solutions using biometrics.

Digital Locks

Locking systems using passwords, cards & keys.

Safes & Lockers

Strong and safe storage place for valuables.


Keep and eye on everything.

Video Door Phone

The modern door bell.

Hotel RF/ID card lock

Locking solutions for hotel rooms.

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